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Posted by ribeiiru on 2007.10.01 at 15:07
Some links for you to hit up with a lot of Snatcher information!!!

http://junkerhq.net/index.php - Information on almost all of Kojima's games, and has several Snatcher script dumps

http://www.justinaaron.com/thekremlin/   - Contains a lot of information on the game and it's contents

http://www.jjau.8m.com/thekremlin/a-z.html  - Has information on almost everything Snatcher related, in alphabetical order

A Metal Gear Solid (and other Kojima game) RP which, so far as I can tell, is just randomness.  But hey, we all need randomness somewhere, don't we?

Posted by ribeiiru on 2007.10.01 at 14:57
Copy and paste list here

Posted by ribeiiru on 2007.10.01 at 14:55
- Taken and Reserved Character Information is Here... Please use this to reference your number as Junkers or Hunters as well -

Posted by ribeiiru on 2007.10.01 at 14:53
Please post your application here with the following information.

Your Name:
Your Age:
Your Journal: (You may use your character's journal for this if you wish)
Character Name:
Character Age:
Character Journal:
Character Personality:
Character (Known) History:  (Information easily found or attainable)
Character (Unknown) History:  (Information usually hidden from all but those who can access it; Please add which Archtypes can easily access the information)
RP Sample:

Posted by ribeiiru on 2007.10.01 at 14:34
As well as being a Junker or Bounty Hunter, one may also be a Civilian or Military Personnel.  I'm not going to add a whole lot here about either since they are rather self-explanatory, just adding a few small notes.


Be careful if you choose this class.  There is a lot of limitations to it.

You are a normal person, working and trying to live their daily lives.  You will not have a lot of information on Snatchers, beyond the fact that they exist, and that you cannot hunt them out, or attack another person if you think they are one, due to law.

I am fairly sure you may carry firearms, but they are limited to basic-type guns, and must have a license or else be arrested.  Citizens are easily traceable as they typically use public transportation and normal taxis, of which record every detail of starting and ending points.


Please stick to the basic Military Units if at all possible:  Army, Navy or Air Force.  I may accept Foxhound due to them seeming to have been in existence even in this universe.

Military personnel are specially trained for their required fields, and thus are also not likely to have more specific information on Snatchers.  They are allowed to carry higher weapons, but the Junker-type Blaster is not available to them.

As with civilians, military personnel cannot hunt out a Snatcher unless under order, and are not allowed to attack someone without knowing they are a Junker.  They are as traceable as Civilians and all other classes when using public transportation and normal taxis.

Posted by ribeiiru on 2007.09.12 at 21:56
Information the specified classes in the game.  Civilian or Military personnel do not fall into this category, although they are perfectly acceptable archtypes to play.

Junkers are those assigned to find, and destroy, Snatchers.  The Junker Agency was created in 2047 by combining Anti-Snatcher Police and "Rug Hunt" operatives into an official agency.

The Junkers' go by a series of 5 regulations which must be followed.  These are:

1.  The purpose of the Junker Force is bio-roid elimination
2.  A junker, even in the course of carrying out (1) may not injure innocent civilians
3.  Without irrefutable evidence that someone is a Snatcher, that suspect may not be physically investigated or restrained
4.  A Junker is required to assist and support civilian Bounty Hunters
5.  In order to carry out (1) a Junker is allowed the use of a Blaster, Navigator and Turbocycle

Junker's Equipment

Junkers Blood
  -  Runners (those who actively head out to eliminate Snatchers) have adopted two blood transfusion techniques in order to lower the risk of death due to injuries suffered in the line of duty:

1.  Artificial Blood Exchange
  -  Artificial blood is supplied through biogenetic culturing techniques.  When sufficient quantities of their natural blood is available, the two blood types are swapped once again.

While artificial blood can be produced in unlimited quantities, making it useful in cases involving massive blood loss, it's ion structure places strain on the organs, making prolonged use inadvisable.

2.  Self-Donation
  -  Runner's collect their own blood through a regular blood donation.  This blood is then mixed with a nutrient solution, concentrated, and stored at minus 42 degrees.  In an emergency situation, the blood is flash-thawed and returned to its owner.

Junkers Rush
  -  A type of chewing gum supplied to Junkers, which have adrenaline crystals incorporated into the gum base.  It can be used in emergency situations to temporarily boost reflexes, accuracy and strength.  Extended use creates extreme depression and fatigue.  Its effects are simular to the burst of superhuman power occasionally observed in persons caught in extreme situations, such as fire or other accidents (the Fight-or-Flight theory).

Artificial Skin Spray
  -  Developed using protein-engineering biochemical technologies, the spray, when applied to exposed skin, provides high levels of protection, including resistance to heat and physical blows.  While oxygen transfers can take place, sweat and other waste matter cannot be expelled, limiting continuing usage of the spray to 24 hours.
(I never saw this used in game, like a lot of things...  But it would be nice)

Junkers Belt
  -  Constructed with shape-retaining polymers, ceramics and flexible plastics, the buckle contains a high-voltage shock generator to stun adversaries in emergency situations.

Junker Trench Coat
  -  A heavy-duty trench coat designed for Runners, constructed with alamid fiber fabrics and flexion armor components.  The coat uses two forms of alamid fibers - heat-resisting forms capable of 800 degrees C (1482 degrees F), and penetration resistant forms, capable of supporting 50KG (110lbs) over a 0.1mm area, which makes the coat's extreme durability possible.  Flexion armor is installed around vital organ areas, helping to protect the wearer against physical blows or external pressure.

Junker Card
  - An identification card which employs laser disc technology.  It contains an IC chip, upon which personal data is stored.  It is used to access Jordan, the main Junker Artificial Information Computer (acting as a form of ID check), as well as to show proof of being a Junker.  It is impossible to duplicate.

Bounty Hunters

Civilians who have taken multiple tests in order to hunt out, and destroy, Snatchers for money.  The program was initiated in 2046 and as of 12/1/2047 500 legal Bounty Hunters existed, with at least 1000 Illegal Hunters out there.

Licensed Bounty Hunters receive assistance from Junker's when needed.

Bounty Hunter Tests

The basic tests Bounty Hunters need to take are:

Firearm Licensing Test:  This is to make sure you understand firearm safety, as well as can actually aim and shoot.

Full Psychological Profile:  There are multiple reasons for this, including to make sure that you understand the laws governing Snatcher hunting, as well as to make sure that using a gun is safe.  This may also be used to assist if any strange activity shows up related to you.

Junker Tests:  All Junker tests must also be taken in order to assure that a Bounty Hunter knows exactly what they are doing, and how Junker works.

- Further Tests To Be Added

Bounty Hunters are assigned their own licenses, as well as serial numbers of which they are required to report when asked by Junker or other law enforcement personnel.  They may carry blasters so long as they have passed that particular training course.

Posted by ribeiiru on 2007.09.12 at 21:18
Alright, here's some basic world information, gleaned as best as possible from the game and various sites (which can be referred to in the "Links" area):

Black Taxi
A term referring to illegal manned taxis.  The word "taxi" usually refers to government-operated, computer-controlled, unmanned vehicles.  However, such taxis, requiring personal identification to board, only operate in areas designated as "municipal data administration districts."  They generate records of where customers board and get out, thus making their use impossible or impractical for many immigrants and illegal aliens.  On the other hand, "black taxis" require no identification and will go anywhere, making them extremely popular.  As such, government officials have decided that the "black taxis," though illegal, have formed such a sophisticated organisation throughout the city that they cannot be ignored any longer and plans are being studied which would legalise their operation.

Note:  Black Taxi's require physical money as compared to anything else due to the same reasons they exist

The only firearm capable of eliminating Snatchers.  Carbon polymer/ceramic construction offers very light weight and almost complete resistance to heat, resulting in near-perfect shape retention.  Grip and trigger shape are ergonomically designed from cast of user's hand to maximise comfort and accuracy.  Neural feedback circuitry adjusts weapon to user's capabilities, allowing nearly unlimited improvement in marksmanship skills.

Note:  So far as I can tell, Blaster's are not LEGALLY given to citizens due to an incident referred to as the "Bioroid Panic" or "Bioroid Hunts" wherein people took to killing others fearing they were Snatchers (simular to the Salem Witch Hunts).  Mostly these are assigned to "Junker Runners" and to Licensed "Bounty Hunters"

Bounty Hunter Program
In order to elicit civilian support in the effort to combat Snatchers, the government instituted the following reward program: all eligible voters of Neo Kobe were given the right to register as bounty hunters.  Registration involves a few simple tests and procedures (firearm license, psychological profile, Junker test, etc.).  Actual rewards for Snatcher termination depend on individual circumstances.  Government also provides numerous insurance benefits for those injured or killed while attempting to terminate a Snatcher.
Average Bounty Hunter Salary  = 1,500,000 credits (average citizen's salary = 250,000 credits)
Registered Bounty Hunters        = 500 persons (as of 12/1/2047)
Illegal Bounty Hunters               = approximately 10,000

A device for recording human dreams.  Pick up of brainwaves allows for playback, which recreates distinct sights, sounds, and physical sensations.  However, regulations prohibit playback by other than a licensed counsellor or psychologist.  Recordings are not legally admissible as evidence in a court of law.

Individuals who have managed to erase all record of their own existence from public and private databases and live without fixed residences.  Not to be confused with "homeless" who have been forced into their condition by economic misfortune. In modern, information-controlled society, the lack of computer records on any given individual is tantamount to that individual's non-existence.  The recent increase in their numbers has begun to contribute to crime and labour difficulties in the city.  Many of the individuals who choose this lifestyle are former workers in computer-related and data management industries.  Their presence underscores one of the major shortcomings of society's current dependence on centralised data control and management.  Most of these individuals live in regions of the city, which are not "municipal data administration districts" on in the old tunnels of the abandoned Tube-Liner system.

Note:  No, you may NOT be a "Freemen"


Microscopic medical robots which are used as treatment for wounded Junkers.  The small machines are injected into the bloodstream where they aid the body's natural healing process, especially in the case of projectile wounds.

Outer Heaven
A popular dance club in Neo Kobe.  It is located at 17th Street in the HS District.  The highlight is masquerade hour, where all the guests are required to wear full-face masks (which must be bought at Plato's Cavern, due to a special arrangement) to gain admittance. Because of this, this club is the preferred night spot for many well-to-do citizens who wish to enjoy a night on the town while concealing their identities.

Outer Heaven is also noted as the only place in the city which serves buffalo meat, and is the club where dancer/actress Isabella Velvet was discovered by director Ridley Scott.   She still performs at the club on occasion.

There is one heck of a lot more information about the place, but these are some of the things which are more likely to cross into the game, other than of course Snatchers themselves and Junker Data, which will be provided seperately.  I would suggest referring to the "Links" section if you want to know more strange facts.

Posted by ribeiiru on 2007.09.07 at 21:00
1.  No Godmodding - This means that you cannot control another person's character's actions.  This means, in simple terms, that you cannot write what the other person's character is doing, whether it is them speaking in the background, dodging or receiving blows, etc.  The only time this rule can be ignored is if the other player has given permission.

2.  No Omnipotence - This means that your character does not know everything.  As an example, you will not know anymore about another character than they have either listed under "Known Information" or they have told you/you have yourself seen or heard.  This is so that you cannot just read every log and know every thought, action, and piece of information about another.

3.  No Invincibility -  In other words, you can take hits, and also your hits can miss.  No matter how skilled you are, you are only human.  Naturally, I do not expect a 3rd Dan Blackbelt to easily be hit or defeated by someone who has never fought in their life, but if you are either against an opponent of similar skill, stronger skill, or your character becomes distracted, it is probable you will take a hit.  This applies to any and all players, and should also be coupled with Rule 1 (No Godmodding) to assure everyone has time to move and react.

4.  No Snatchers - Yes, that's right, you may not play a Snatcher.  Why is this, you ask?  Because it would be far too likely to cause issues among the players, and for that reason, only Moderators are allowed to portray Snatchers.

5.  Stay Active - I'm sure you hear this often in LJ RPs, but it is very important, and actually has a double-meaning in this one:

A.  Please post at least once every two weeks, or lose your character
B.  Please occasionally interject yourself, I'll say at least once a month for now, into the running plot of the RP.

6.  No Abnormal Powers - By abnormal, I mean basically things which haven't been proved to exist in the real world.  Of course, a lot of things are not actually proven, so I'll break it into psychic powers within limits.  Things like minor sixth sense, or the ability to move small objects with your mind, is fine.  However, you are not allowed to snap your fingers and set fire to a place.

If you are uncertain if a power would be allowed, contact me or place it in your App.  And if the power is something I worry about, I will also contact you and try to work with you to find something we both feel comfortable with.

7.  Original and Canon Characters Accepted - You can play anyone you want, although I have one large rule to this:  Please, reguardless of Original or Canon, update their history so that it makes sense within the world.  AKA - If you are Inu-Yasha, it is likely that you will not have your ears (unless you really convince me), AND it is for sure you do not come from Feudal Japan.  Why?  Because this is Snatcher, not some time-warping, dimension-twisting RP.

8.  Other Kojima Characters Loved - Hideo Kojima has this horrible habit of mixing his universes together.  In fact, in almost all of his more known series (including Metal Gear, Policenauts, and Snatcher) many various references, and even characters, can be found in common.  This means that most of his worlds are ripe for crossing and criss-crossing each other!

9.  Play Well With Others - I know sometimes people annoy you, but please do not let that affect the RP.  Instead, let a moderator know, or if by some chance you are talking with them via an Instant Messenging Service, then either block them or resolve it.  The RP is not the place to bring real-life grudges, since the RP is not real-life and is something for fun.

10. Romance of (Almost) All Forms Accepted - The only things I won't accept are things such as "Bestiality" or a Child and Adult (Child will refer to the legal age in my country of 17 years of age or younger).  But this does mean that male x male, female x female and male x female pairings are acceptable.  However, please refer to Rule 11 for some extra information on relationships.

11. This RP is 100% LJ Based and is PG-13 - Yes, this means we will not be cross-posting logs from things like AIM.  This is because it can get incredibly confusing, especially if one log hasn't been completed when you go into another.  Naturally, that happens even with plain LJ but I'm trying to keep things organized.  Sorry.

As for PG-13, blood and gore, some slight suggestive themes, all of these are cool.  Even some minor cursing.  But please do not say "Fuck" every other word, or go off and have full-out detailed sex in the game.  This is not appreciated, and will get you banned if it becomes excessive and has no point.

12. How to Post - DD/MM/YY - TIME - LOCATION
PLEASE follow this.  Also, please tag your entries with who is present, or will be present if it is a private meeting.  Otherwise, just make sure everyone adds their tag as they join :)

Posted by ribeiiru on 2007.09.07 at 20:44
Of note, this is the extreme basics, taken from the game.  For a more detailed and thorough timeline, refer to the links section.

June 6, 1996 - A mysterious explosion destroys the Chornoten research facility near Moscow.  'Lucifer Alpha', a powerful biological weapon under secret development there, is released into the atmosphere, creating a deadly bio-hazard.  Carried by the trade winds, 'Lucifer Alpha' spreads throughout Eastern Europe and Eurasia, destroying 80% of the populace.  Half of the world's people die.  The greatest bio-hazard in history later becomes known simply as "The Catastrophe."

Winter 2046 - The appearance of a mysterious android life-form occurs, appearing during winter killing humans and infiltrating society by taking the place of their victims.  Employing an artificial skin, they can sweat, and even bleed.  Part organic, part machine, they're almost impossible to distinguish from those they kill.  As they steal their victim's bodies in order to take their place, these mysterious invaders become known as "Snatchers."